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23 Internet Marketing Myths

23 Internet Marketing Myths

This package come with premade web site allows you to instantly publish the site and start selling this product. The package also come with other material that associate with this product such as graphics, ads text, banners etc.

Discover 23 Common, Ironic, Internet Marketing Dogmas That More Than 90% Of The People Who Go Online In Pursuit Of Riches Subscribe To - That Is Responsible For Denying Them Online Wealth!

Uncover The REAL Facts Behind Some Of The Most Popular Dogmas, Myths, And Baseless Truths In Internet Marketing - That Is Probably Preventing YOU From Grabbing Your Share Of Online Wealth!

The idea of making money on auto-pilot and having the luxury to check your mailbox every morning for incoming sales that you did not put in any effort to make it happen appeals to you. Sure, you have heard of people doing it every day. You read about programs that promise you that (and you have probably joined them, too).

But WHICH level are YOU really at in the Internet Marketing field to achieve such a thing right now? (Tick any of the following boxes that apply to you)
 I do not have a clue about Internet Marketing whatsoever. I went online with one aim in mind: to make money online. Yes, I am new to this. I would like to know what my available options are when it comes to making money online... legally and workable, of course.
 I am in the learning stages about Internet Marketing. I am still relatively new to Internet Marketing and am in the learning stages now. I AM aware about the fluffs and hypes floating around cyber space, though. I would definitely appreciate a quick insight on what they are.
 I have been online for some time, but have not made any solid income just yet. I believe that something I did was not right, and I would like to really find out why.
 I have joined several so-called money making programs, but it is ironic why I am still not making the money they have promised or guaranteed.
 I have ordered several books and eBooks on making money, but it is a wonder why I am sitll not making the money these materials have promised or guaranteed.

If you tick any one or all of the above boxes, then this report is MORE IMPORTANT to YOU than any other materials available in the Internet marketplace - and yes, even MORE IMPORTANT than the books on making money online you have ordered and money-making programs you have subscribed to this far!

My name is [Insert Your Name Here], and I have been often asked questions such as, "How to make money online?" "Which money-making program would you recommend?"

I find it very difficult to give specific, unified answers to these questions because more usual than not, budding Internet Marketers have to FIRST unlearn what they have previously learn before accepting any new answers, facts, insights, methods, recommendations, and strategies from me.

That means unlearning all the B.S., hypes, fluffs, and myths they subscribe to. But with the number of emails I receive everyday on these questions, I have decided to answer those questions, once and for all, in this short report.

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